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Tuna Bandit Spreader Bars! - Only $89 w/Bag
Kink Proof Bar!
Why so Cheap?
We want you to try them and find out ours are the BEST you can buy! 

TUNA BANDIT: similar to a Green Machine, but with much more expensive AND more productive
reflective foil heads for better visibility and with "Doll Eyes" for realism!

Only available from Tormenter, these bars simulate a group of small baitfish being
chased by a slightly larger predator. Total baits included are:
14 -  Tormenter 9" Tuna Bandit
Teasers and one 12" Tormenter Tuna Bandit Stinger Bait.
(see add to cart button)

With our color selection, you can simulate: Flying Fish, Skipjack Tuna, Lil Tunny,
Baby Mahi, and more....

All Tormenter Tuna Bandit Spreader Bar rigs are made from the highest quality materials including Momoi line, "Kink Proof" SS bars, Our own high quality lures & hooks (7691 Stainless Steel 9/0 Double Strength), and all come neatly Pakaged in our own Spreader Bar Bags 

(14) 9" "Bandits" and 12" Bandit Stinger - $89.00
Ready to Fish in Our Premium Spreader Bar Bag

(14) 12" "Bandits" and 12" Bandit Stinger - $99.00
Ready to Fish in Our Premium Spreader Bar Bag

All Tormenter Spreader Bars now come with a ball bearing snap swivel behind the Last
teaser in the center line allowing fo easy change of your Stinger Bait.

To Find awesome Selection of Hook Baits, Click Here!

Chose 9" or 12" model below 
"Tuna Bandit" Bars Available in these colors/sizes:

Click on links Below for:




Get Serious. Get Tormenter!

Dealer and Distributor Inquiries Welcome!

Fax: 561-828-7911


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